Our Team

Jesse Fewell

As career-long consultant, Jesse founded Fewell Innovation to bring a very different approach to fixing workplace problems. His super power is explaining complex topics in simple terms, which enables leaders to make tough decisions. He loves writing, with his publications reaching over a half million readers in eleven languages.

Aanu Gopald

Aanu Gopald specializes in developing Global 1000 agile leaders, having worked with senior executives at Toyota, Capital One, AT&T, EDF Energy, Her Majesty government – Department for Transportation UK, and TD Bank. She also founded the NGO Africa Agility to solve social & economic issues in her native continent – Africa, including free tech education for young women.

Ben Kopel

Ben Kopel is a scale-up expert, who helped drive the fastest ever $1B valuation for a tech startup. His practical experience also has conceptual grounding, having apprenticed with the founders of the agile movement, and serving as an adjunct instructor at Northwestern University.

Sherild Sanfilez

Sherild Sanfeliz the versatility to coach various industries, having installed agility at an IT department, a fast-growing consultancy, and a hard-hat chemical plant. A proud graduate of the University of Puerto Rico-Bayamón, her truth-telling and positivity make her a favorite with her teams.

Randy Angiel

Randy Angiel is the consummate journeyman, having led agile projects everywhere from Weight Watchers to Dow Jones to HBO. His parallel career as university history researcher has yielded deep convictions about cause-and-effect, and the impact of leadership decisions on organizational agility.

Karen Kemerling

Karen Kemerling is the consummate executive coach. A former President, COO and CIO, she wields a depth that comes from having led every operational component ranging from HR to IT to Inside Sales and she now prides herself on being a certified Brain Based Coach. Moreover, her doctorate research focused on the productivity of remote teams, before they were cool.

Kim Antelo

Taylor Hageman

Taylor Hageman runs all of our client operations and logistics, giving her a front row seat to all our clients’ agile journeys. Her heart for people carries over into her community, advocating for military spouses pursing their own careers.