Has COVID 19 suddenly rocked your work world? Whether you are dipping your toe in remote work during these uncertain times or you’ve been doing this for years, you might have some questions. 

Good news is: I wrote the book on virtual teams and I want to make sure you have it in your tool kit. 

“Can You Hear Me Now” is an amazing resource for anyone who is new to this virtual lifestyle, as well as a great reference to those of us who have been doing it for several years now.

Download “Can You Hear Me Now” and feel free to reach out to me anytime with any questions. I’m always here to help!

This quick, FREE, read will help answer some of your questions like: “What’s a virtual charter, and why do I need one?”  or  “How do I juggling time zone differences?”

It will also help you tackle any communication issues you may have with remote coworkers and teams, as well as other common issues virtual teams face. Remember, just because you may have been working remote doesn’t necessarily mean your teammates have. There will be issues that arise – and I can help with that. 

These uncertain times have definitely been a challenge for all of us, but I am proud of our community embracing the changes we need to make. We’re in this together, and I am here to help.