AI Leadership Cohort

Leaders Navigating the AI Disruption. Together.

Whether you’re a seasoned AI expert or just curious to explore this new environment with like-minded professionals, we invite you to join an AI Leadership Lab cohort! This collaborative space, hosted by Jesse Fewell, will equip and support leaders as they navigate AI within leadership.

The Content –  We will explore topics that YOU choose, perhaps including… How do I make sense of the complex and volatile AI landscape? …Where do I invest, without spending too much on the wrong things …What governance should we encourage, to ensure safety without inhibiting creativity? …What skills do I need to lead others through this? …How do I use these technologies in my very own role?

The Catch –  This pilot program is offered for early adopters like you, on a invitation-only basis, free of charge. It therefore carries important considerations…

✔️ The program is immersive. We will have weekly discussions every Friday @ 9am PDT / 12pm EDT, starting April 12th. Each discussion will inspire personal research and action during the week. Every leader is busy, so this program is for those who can make their calendars match that time slot.

✔️ The program is very organic. You will self-organize which topics to cover, how to cover them, and how long. This is not a structured training course with defined answers, but rather a dialog of thinkers and adventurers.

✔️ The cohort will be very diverse in profile. To maximize our insights, we are opening this to our most trusted clients and colleagues. However, that limited pool covers a broad variety of roles, skills, and industries. Your cohort colleagues will likely look very different than you.

✔️ The price of admission is feedback. Over the next few months, you will be asked for your opinion on hot topics, your thoughts on how to scale AI literacy among leaders, and your candid comments about the program. We will use your help to build better programs for others who follow.

If this sounds like the environment in which you can grow and contribute, then register your interest below.

Hope to see you there…

AI Leadership Cohort

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