Certified Agile Leadership “CAL II”

A 3 month Cohort Program

The second level of our Certified Agile Leadership Series, the Advanced Certified Agile Leadership program expands leadership competencies learned in the introductory Certified Agile Leadership (CAL I) workshop. Focused on the top half of our Agile Leadership Compass, the CAL II program improves self-awareness, situational adaptiveness, social connectedness, and strategic orientation to improve leadership capacity. This portion of our leadership series vertically develops leaders at every level for increased awareness, balance, adaptivity, engagement, and empowerment in highly complex, rapidly changing environments.

The Advanced Certified Agile Leadership program is offered in two parts, which each span three months providing for immersive learning, application, and dedicated practice:

(Offered this Spring) Part 1: Developing a Growth Mindset – Participants explore their orientation as a leader from an expert, achiever and catalyst perspective to improve their awareness, thinking, and behaviors.

(Offered this Fall) Part 2: Developing Catalyst Behaviors – Participants explore their presence and balance their power as a leader to strengthen stakeholder relationships and improve team engagement.

Course Details

Registration is now open for the Catalyst Behaviors program
Professional One-on-One Coaching

You will engage personally with your guide, Jesse Fewell, in one-on-one coaching with a focus on enhancing self-awareness, managing emotional threats, balancing their power style with increased curiosity and humility, and developing more effective catalyst habits.

Peer Cohort Engagement

Cohorts are small teams of five to eight leaders and become the fundamental building block to share in learning, practice, and growth through the course of the leadership development program. Your cohort will be professionally facilitated by Jesse Fewell, your principal Agile Leadership Journey guide. The practice cohort provides a safe space for experimentation, peer-coaching, practice and reflection. Additionally, your cohort will be connecting periodically with other cohorts across the globe, to exchange insights and ideas in monthly virtual workshops.


Curriculum is broken into interactive, structured 90-minute weekly cohort learning sessions. Each week includes education, practice, sharing, and reflection designed for participants to explore and develop their capacity as leaders. Cohort meeting sessions are scheduled based on Jesse’s availability and alignment with participant preferences at the onset of each course. Cohort assignments will be shared prior to the program start with a cohort kickoff during the week of September 5th.

Optional monthly global sessions for public programs enhance learning through expert sharing, discussion panels, and participant stories. These sessions provide opportunities for leaders across roles, industries, and continents to engage with each other and our facilitators in shared learning.

Individual coaching sessions are scheduled directly between the Jesse Fewell and the participant.

Credentials & Badging

Upon completion of Part 2 – Developing Catalyst Habits, participants receive a course completion badge from Agile Leadership Journey.

Upon completion of both parts, participants earn their Certified Applied Agility in Leadership program completion badge from Agile Leadership Journey.


This program aligns with the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership 2 (CAL-2) learning objectives and includes professional 1:1 coaching, validated practice, and peer-driven cohorts. Participants may opt to receive the CAL-2 Certification upon completion of both parts of the program.

Prerequisite Information

The introductory Certified Agile Leadership (CAL I) or a comparable Scrum Alliance™ Certified Agile Leadership Essentials (CAL-E, formerly CAL I) workshop is a prerequisite for enrollment in this program. If you have not yet taken this prerequisite program, explore our upcoming class offerings to find a Certified Agile Leadership workshop that fits your schedule.

This program may be taken without having first completed Part 1: Developing a Growth Mindset.

Bonus Materials

Those who register for this program will receive a complimentary copy of Untapped Agility – 7 Leadership moves to take your transformation to the next level”, autographed by the author, Jesse Fewell. 


You’ll also receive our Agile Transformation Toolkit, which offers key considerations for moving an organization to more agile ways of working. 


  • Extended programs for leadership development often price well into 5-figure numbers. This premium cohort experience is only $2750, inclusive of all technology & certification fees.

  • Discounts are available for groups and for our previous participants. Further discounts are available for most people based in countries outside the G7. Contact us for more details

Jesse Fewell

As career-long consultant, Jesse founded Fewell Innovation to bring a very different approach to fixing workplace problems. His super power is explaining complex topics in simple terms, which enables leaders to make tough decisions. He loves writing, with his publications reaching over a half million readers in eleven languages.